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English site

I think bigmailbox would benefit from an english site, containing fully English bigmail packages with english install instructions.

I thinkk we should get a group of volunteers, and get something going.

I volunteer to help out as much as I can, I will host the site if needs be.

Jens Weber

ich hätte lust mit zu übersetzen.

hab ich dir ja schon des öfteren angeboten, patrick. ob nun die seite oder irgendwelche scripts :baby:...

i would help...
Okay, I propose we wait for bigmail 6, in the mean time ill set up a mini site which will host a forum and all, and well go from there.
pillhead said:
Okay, I propose we wait for bigmail 6, in the mean time ill set up a mini site which will host a forum and all, and well go from there.

I can host it if you need. I own www.webdefinity.com got a nice server setup. I can also help translate anything I can.

It would be nice to work-on my german :)

My aim is TheComputerGuy03


Staff member
fluxinside said:
How far is version 6 into development? Anyone know when a stable release will be out?
Final will be available in about 2 months.

fluxinside said:
oh and does version 6 use smarty templates?
God, of course not!! I don't like smarty, sorry.
TheNakedMan said:
I am still up for helping with translating!
Yes, I would very much still like to create an English support site, though I think this is slightly hindered now b1gmail 6 is a "payed" product. I cant see how its feasible to create a site as we would have to work something with the owner so that people can buy the "English" version.

Plus I dont know if ill be upgrading, I provide a free email service with b1gmail, I dont really want to start paying out for it and if I was paying for a product, I'd expect it to be exactly what i want out of the box.
Personal i believe when you offer a free webmail service, then you should upgrade simply because v 6 is a professional product now, and your clients will thank you for doing so :)

I also want to offer this, and as soon as it will be released i will buy the full version.

The new version of b1g mail is coming from a long way....many hours are spend on coding and testing by patrick and all the others who helped out where they could.

When i order v6 it is for me more a way to say * Thank you Patrick* for all the the hours you did spend working for free.

It is time to give something back :]

just my 2 cents
I suggest at this time to enroll a special part in this forum offer support to the new users ... and I am ready to help any new customer of b1g6 within the knoledge which I have