Some Question

Hello All

My Name is bahr .... i am from syria

am sorry but i can not speak german.....

i have some Question befor i buy the B1G

I loved this script very much ..... and i want to know that :

1- some one told me that the user chould sign out and resign in if he got a new message

2- i want to know about the sms .... how much i coast for the 1 Sms and what is the way ..... should i have a gateway in my server or what ??

3- Tell me the right way to Buy the script

Thank ... Bahr
.... ok ...

it is look fine to me ...


Thank You .
Your were So helpfull ...... but let us think that i bought 1000 credit from the ...... site ..... so what is the config in the B1G mail SMS Gate Ways ???

but now am having a proplem with the pruching operation ... i can't speak german at all ......... so can any one here translate to me this words :)

* Anrede: Frau Herr
* Vorname:
* Nachname:
* Strasse:
* Hausnummer:
* PLZ:
* Ort:


Undying said:
* Anrede: Frau Herr
* Vorname:
* Nachname:
* Strasse:
* Hausnummer:
* PLZ:
* Ort:
*Title (Mrs or Mr)
*Your First name
*Your Last Name (family name)
*House number
*postal code (zip code)

After I Put My Card number The Site Tell Me this message !!

And i Think it is a error message .....
Fehler: Die Transaktion ist fehlgeschlagen: Die Kreditkarte ist abgelaufen. Die Bestellung wurde abgebrochen, bitte versuchen Sie es ggf. erneut.

And On My E-mail i got this one :
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung bei B1G Software. Anbei erhalten Sie Ihre Rechnung. Falls Sie als Zahlungsmittel Vorkasse-Überweisung gewählt haben, überweisen Sie den Rechnungsbetrag bitte unter Angabe des Rechnungsnummer auf das in der Rechnung angegebene Konto.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

B1G Software
Patrick Schlangen

And A File PDF

My Email Adresses is :

Can You Help me ???


you can´t buy this script by your creditcard because the time from your credit card is over.
you must send it manually by your bank

you´ve a mail from b1g,where you get the bill number(in the pdf file),take this for the reason for payment.
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I Am Sorry My Sir .... But PayPal Need A Real credit Card With A Bank Transfer .....
And My Card is only a number and cvf
Because I Am in Syria and we do not have any credit cards or ATMs

So Can I Send to You My credit card NO And You Take What You Want ???

I Realy Loved B1GMAIL ....... and i want to buy it ........