Need help purchasing B1gmail.

I don't understand German. is there a way for non-german speaking individuals to buy B1gmail? Or this is a German only script for Germany and Germans.



first: Yes, b1gMail is also available with english language-files...

A english version of our shop is (as far as I know) not available at the moment, but I´ve got a step-by-step manual for you :]

1. Visit our shop-site at
2. in the part of b1gMail, you can choose your version in the drop-down-field:
--> "Mit Copyrightverweis" means, that there must be a Copyright on each site of your installation

--> "Ohne Copyrightverweis" meins, that no one can see, that you use b1gMail :tongue:

3. Click on "In den Warenkorb legen"

4. on the next site, you can see your shop-basket...

5. click on "Bestellung abschließen" to checkout

6. Than you can choose your payment-way (i.g. choose PayPal).

7. Click "weiter"

I hope this "manual" was good enough.. if not.. Patrick.. do your job better ;)
Hehehe. I guess you're making enough money to even bother translating it. Thank you! I'm not English or American but the rest of the world speaks their language.